pacadi is a brief questionnaire for clinical and scientific use in patients with pancreatic tumours

pacadi demo

Demo for calculating your pacadi score

pacadi studies

Included participants who signed informed consent can complete the questionnaire electronically

About pacadi

  • pacadi is developed based on dimensions of health where tumours in pancreas have the most important impact, as reported by patients.
  • pacadi is brief (8 dimensions), and thus feasible in use.
  • Each dimension is measured on a scale from 0 to10 (numeric rating scales).
  • pacadi is disease specific and can be expressed with a global score.
  • pacadi is developed according to scientific criteria for clinical and scientific use.
  • Data (information from patients) are sent encrypted and stored, according to ethically secured and approved tools and standards (Good Clinical Practice).
  • Adheres to Guidance for Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM): Use in Medical Product Development
    • FDA recommends researchers to provide evidence of benefit in patient reported outcome measures (PROM), when applying for approval of a new agent.
    • FDA reviews and evaluates existing, modified or newly created PROM to identify the recommended
      • Patient (target population) input during instrument development
      • The instrument’s performance in the specific application in which it is used
      • If it can be shown to be a reliably measure of the claimed concept in the patient population.

    pacadi research

    If you would like to use pacadi in your research, or have any questions, we kindly ask you to enter information with researcher name, title, institution, phone number, e-mail address and project name. You will get updated information about pacadi. The use of pacadi does not generate a fee when used for academic purposes.

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